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Bath Landscape & Irrigation provides seasonal snow removal and ice management services for communities and commercial properties across Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. We work with government and commercial establishments of all kinds, including but not limited to government buildings, university campuses, apartment complexes, shopping malls, homeowners associations, metro districts, business parks, and the like. We do not provide snow removal and ice management for individual residences outside of contracts with managed communities. 


Snow removal services are provided only under an active contract. Every contract is unique, with the parameters of your contract such as the trigger point, the area being serviced, and the products being used being defined based on your needs and city requirements. 


Bath Landscape & Irrigation has one of the largest fleets of snow removal equipment in Fort Collins, enabling us to be extremely efficient at clearing snow and managing ice buildup. Unlike most competitors in the snow removal industry, we only use top-of-the-line equipment that employs the most modern snow removal technology, giving us a superior ability to clear large amounts of snow quickly and easily in large and small spaces alike.


All of our snow removal and ice management services vary per contract depending on the defined terms of that contract. In general, however, all of our contracts include the following:


Clearing All Sidewalks and Walkways

Nearly every snow removal and ice management contract involves the clearing of all snow and ice from sidewalks and public walkways. Bath Landscape & Irrigation has sidewalk-specific plowing units that allow for the effective and efficient removal of snow from all sidewalks. This equipment is agile and quick, able to navigate small areas and tight corners, capable of clearing deep or compacted snow, and have a number of different attachments such as plows, buckets, and brushes for peak functionality regardless of the circumstance.

Street and Parking Lot Plowing

Our fleet of snow removal equipment includes top-of-the-line plowing trucks, salt spreading trucks, skid steers with plows, buckets, and brushes, dump trucks for hauling snow, and more. This equipment allows us to effectively clear snow from large areas such as shopping center parking lots and roadways.

De-Icing Walkways, Roads, and Parking Lots

All of our snow removal services are followed up with the deicing of sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots, depending on the parameters of the contract. We apply a rapid-thaw bulk ice melt to all parking lots and roads with the use of large truck-mounted spreaders. We use a liquid ice melt that is applied to all sidewalks and walkways using spraying equipment. This brine has the benefit of leaving no debris once the snow has melted. Bagged granular icemelt is also often used on sidewalks or in problem areas and is dyed blue to aid in visual observance of the area being treated for ice. In extreme situations where the ambient temperature is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, a magnesium chloride icemelt solution is used instead. 



Snow removal and ice management is non-negotiable when you live in an area that experiences cold and harsh winters with considerable snowfall. That is why Bath Landscape & Irrigation is here to provide superior snow and ice management services. We only provide such services under an active contract, so if you anticipate requiring snow removal services, we recommend contacting us immediately to get your contract set in place prior to the upcoming winter season. To learn more, check out our blog on "Commercial Snow Removal Services & Ice Management" today!

Get in contact with our snow removal team by submitting a contact form for our commercial maintenance services. Our maintenance manager will be in contact with you to discuss expectations and tolerances and will take the appropriate measures to ensure that services are provided to the expected level.

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