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Bath Landscape and Irrigation has served Fort Collins and Northern Colorado as a family-owned and operated company since 1965. We’ve designed and installed many of the area’s favorite landscapes. Bath has become a symbol of stability and trust in the landscape industry and has developed an award-winning approach to sustainable, functional, and beautiful landscape design and installation.

By combining talent, experience, and professionalism, Bath has become one of the best-known landscape contractors in Northern Colorado. We treat each project and client with individual attention and work together to create a space they will truly love. We aim to create lasting bonds with our customers and be available as a resource to assist with all of their landscape needs.

The beauty of the outdoors has the power to heal, invigorate and calm your senses. The delicate balance between humans and nature is easy to disrupt but difficult to remedy. At Bath, we aim to help restore this primal balance by creating outdoor spaces that reconnect the body, mind, and spirit to nature. Creating and maintaining a harmonious landscape is an art form that takes education, skill, and patience. Each landscape we create is a unique journey and experience.

We focus on designing and installing sustainable and low-maintenance landscapes using native plants and efficient irrigation.  We use organic soil amendments and products that do not disrupt the natural cycle of the ecosystem.  Choosing an organic landscape will keep your family, pets, and the environment healthy.

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