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Commercial Snow Removal Services & Ice Management

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Living in Northern Colorado, snow is all but guaranteed at some point throughout the winter season. While snow is most common from December through March, it is not unheard of for snow to hit as early as September or as late as June. Private residences and businesses alike are required by most cities to ensure that all snow and ice are removed from public walkways in order to ensure everyone's safety. While Bath Landscape & Irrigation specializes in landscape and irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance, we also specialize in snow and ice management during the winter months to help you keep your commercial properties maintained and safe according to city requirements.

Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services & Ice Management

Bath Landscape and Irrigation in Fort Collins, Colorado provides commercial establishments with contracted snow and ice management services. These services are provided to commercial establishments only, including but not limited to government buildings, university campuses, apartment complexes, shopping malls, restaurant parking lots, homeowners associations, metro districts, business parks, and the like. We do not provide snow removal and ice management for individual residences outside of contracts with HOAs. Every contract is unique, and we will work with you to define the parameters of each contract such as trigger point (the level of snowfall at which snow removal protocols begin), the area being serviced, the products being used to prevent ice build-up, and the like. As much as possible, we typically service areas overnight. As many snow removal services involve large equipment and heavy machinery, overnight operations increase safety for both customers and employees and ensure that roads and walkways are accessible and safe for anyone using them first thing in the morning.

Ice & Snow Removal Service Offerings

All of our snow removal and ice management services vary per contract depending on the defined terms of that contract. In general, however, all of our contracts include the following:

Clearing All Sidewalks and Walkways

Nearly every snow removal and ice management contract involves the clearing of all snow and ice from sidewalks or public walkways. Bath Landscape & Irrigation has a large fleet of snow removal equipment including sidewalk-specific plowing units and stand-on mini skid steers that allow for the effective and efficient removal of snow from all sidewalks. This equipment is agile and quick, able to navigate small areas and tight corners, capable of clearing deep or compacted snow, and have a number of different attachments such as plows, buckets, and brushes for peak functionality regardless of the circumstance.

Street and Parking Lot Plowing

Our fleet of snow removal equipment also includes top-of-the-line plowing trucks, salt spreading trucks, skid steers with plows, buckets, and brushes, dump trucks for snow hauling, and more. This equipment allows us to effectively clear snow from large areas such as shopping center parking lots and roadways.

De-Icing Walkways, Roads, and Parking Lots

All of our snow removal services are followed up with the deicing of sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots, depending on the parameters of the contract. We apply a rapid-thaw bulk ice melt to all parking lots and roads with the use of large truck-mounted spreaders. We use a liquid ice melt called Liquid Snow Shovel that is applied to all sidewalks and walkways using spraying equipment. This brine has the benefit of leaving no debris once the snow has melted. Bagged granular icemelt is also often used on sidewalks or in problem areas. This granular sodium chloride blend is often dyed blue to aid in visual observance of the area being treated for ice. In extreme situations where the ambient temperature is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, these standard methods of de-icing are rendered useless, requiring that a magnesium chloride icemelt solution be used instead.

Benefits of Hiring an Ice & Snow Removal Service

There are many benefits to hiring a company to take care of your snow removal and ice management needs, and there are even more benefits to using a company that is well-prepared to handle any task, no matter how big. Let's dig into some of these benefits.

Snow Removal is Required by the City

The City of Fort Collins, along with many other surrounding cities, has certain requirements for the removal of snow and the management of ice buildup in public areas. If snow is not removed from public walkways within a certain timeframe, the company or establishment responsible can face fines and potential liabilities if someone were to injure themselves as a result of the area not being properly maintained. Hiring a snow removal company ensures that all snow and ice managements requirements will be met, keeping you in accordance with city standards.

Ensure the Safety of Customers and Employees

Safety is paramount during the winter season, and poorly maintained properties can pose serious threats to employees, customers, and anyone else who sets foot on the property. Hiring a snow removal company significantly decreases any risked posed by dangerous winter conditions, keeping your customers and employees safe without you having to lift a finger.

It Is not Practical to Manage Snow Removal Internally

Most commercial establishments are large enough that managing snow and ice buildup internally is simply not practical, let alone feasible. If you happen to be a part of a commercial establishment that is small enough for any snow removal or ice management can be managed internally, this still means that someone would have to be responsible for being on location to clear all snow and ice before normal business hours and within the city's timeframe. In either situation, it is best to be able to depend on a reputable snow removal service to do the work for you.

Snow Removal Services Use Specialized Equipment

We have perhaps one of the largest fleets of snow removal equipment in Fort Collins, which makes us extremely efficient at clearing snow and managing ice buildup. And unlike most competitors in the snow removal industry, we only use top-of-the-line equipment that is new and employs the most modern snow removal technology, giving us a superior ability to clear large capacities of snow in large and small spaces alike. We can complete large jobs that would otherwise take hours of work and lots of manpower quickly and easily with the use of our specialized equipment.

We Employ a Knowledgable and Well-Trained Staff

Believe it or not, the effective management of snow and ice throughout the winter season can be quite scientific. Understanding the different compounds used to melt ice, proper application rates, how temperature changes the effectiveness of different products, and the like are all matters that are necessary to know if snow and ice are to be managed properly. Our staff is well trained and highly knowledgeable in these areas, enabling them to provide superior snow removal services. Operating our fleet of specialized snow removal equipment is also something that requires skill and training that most people do not have.

Ice Management & Snow Removal in Fort Collins

Snow removal and ice management is non-negotiable when you live in an area that experiences cold and harsh winters with considerable snowfall. That is why Bath Landscape & Irrigation is here to provide superior snow and ice management services. We only provide snow removal and ice management services under an active contract. So, if you anticipate requiring snow removal services, we recommend contacting us immediately to get your contract set in place prior to the upcoming winter season. To get in contact with our maintenance department, check out our Snow Removal Services page today!


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