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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping refers to a gardening methodology used to create a cohesive and balanced landscape using low water plant species, native adapted plants, and water-saving materials to capitalize on the benefits of an arid climate.

Click here for more information on xeriscaping methodology.

Reasons to Xeriscape

Help environment (save water, nurture wildlife, stabilize ecosystem)

See more information about the benefits of landscaping based on your region.

Lower your water bill

Yearly precipitation data.

Create a low maintenance landscape (less mowing, watering, pruning, etc.)

More info on maintenance needs.

Adapted tolerant plants thrive even in the changing climate conditions of Colorado (droughts, water restrictions, etc.)

Learn more about the effects of weather on irrigation requirements.

More data on drought conditions.

Can My Xeriscape be Lush and Full?

Absolutely! There are many varieties of water-wise plants to choose from. The key to building a lush landscape that functions efficiently in Northern Colorado's climate is picking appropriate plants that fill in the gaps between bigger and showier selections and planting appropriately for space and future growth. There are plenty of native, xeric, and naturalized plants that either bloom or display interesting foliage. Designs for a xeric landscape will not only include beautiful plants but also functional and aesthetically pleasing landforms that help direct and retain moisture while organizing plants into beneficial communities.

Check out this tried and tested list of xeric-friendly plants.

Learn more about landscaping for water retention.

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