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Irrigation Service: What it is & How to Find the Best

Updated: Mar 28

With the spring season being right around the corner, many of you are probably starting to think about your irrigation systems. And if you are new to Colorado and are unsure of what sort of maintenance is required for an irrigation system in Colorado, worry not! Irrigation system services are a non-negotiable here with our extreme winter temperatures, and preparing your sprinkler system for the winter as well as for the spring season is imperative for avoiding damage and maintaining a properly functioning system.

What it is & How to Find the Best

What Is an Irrigation Service?

An irrigation service encompasses any work related to your sprinkler system, drip lines, or any other form of irrigation for your yard and landscaping. Generally, this involves irrigation and sprinkler system installation and repairs, sprinkler system blow-outs, and sprinkler system turn-on services.

Irrigation And Sprinkler System Installation

At Bath Landscape and Irrigation, one of our specialties is designing and installing brand new sprinkler systems. Whether you are moving into a new house that does not have an irrigation system installed yet, or if you live in an older home that requires its original sprinkler system to be removed and a new one installed, our irrigation specialists are here with the knowledge and expertise to design and install an irrigation system that fits the needs of your landscape while also efficiently managing your water usage.

Irrigation And Sprinkler System Repairs

Our irrigation technicians will also perform maintenance and repair visits on existing irrigation systems. If you have a cracked pipe, a sprinkler head that’s blown off, or any other sort of damage to your irrigation system, our professionals are more than capable of diagnosing the issue and coming up with a fix. Our specialists will evaluate your sprinkler system, noting any ways that your existing system should be adjusted or repaired to ensure optimal functionality and increased efficiency.

Sprinkler System Blow-Out Service

This is one service that is truly necessary to maintain a functioning irrigation system. With the freezing temperatures that we experience here in Colorado near the end of fall and through the beginning of the spring season, making sure that no water is left sitting in your pipes in the fall is extremely important. Any significant amounts of water allowed to sit in your pipes through freezing weather will freeze and expand, causing cracks in your pipes. Such cracks can be difficult to track down and can result in the costly and messy process of digging up your irrigation systems to pinpoint any damage to the pipes and replace any irreparable pieces. All that being said, the aim of our sprinkler system blow-out service is to winterize your irrigation system, making the chance of sustaining costly damage throughout the winter much less likely. Our irrigation technicians will come to your property and pump air through your irrigation system using an air compressor. This will blast the water out of your irrigation system, ensuring that no significant amounts of water are left behind.

Sprinkler System Turn-On Service

To complement our irrigation blow-out service, we also offer an irrigation turn-on service. With your system having been winterized in the fall, it will need to be turned back on. As a part of this service, we inspect your entire irrigation system to make sure that there was no other damage sustained throughout the winter. We will also adjust the programming of your sprinkler system to ensure that different zones are set to water for the right duration of time, and at the right time of the day to ensure the efficient use of your water. We will also make any necessary adjustments to your irrigation system and sprinkler heads to ensure that your landscape gets the water that it needs, as well as to make sure that no water is wasted by being sprayed onto a sidewalk, driveway, patio, or other hardscape. Through our sprinkler system turn-on service, we ensure that your system is operating at full capacity while also auditing it to ensure the efficient use of water.

What Does an Irrigation Service Technician Do?

Irrigation Service Technician

Once you schedule your service with our irrigation department, one of our irrigation technicians will arrive at the scheduled time. If we are not already familiar with your system, we may ask some questions about your landscape and its needs, zones in your irrigation system, and other programming preferences or requirements. We will then begin the inspection of your property as is required by the specific service being provided. If we are preparing for the design and installation of a new irrigation system, we will walk your property and get an idea of your landscaping wants and needs. After we have had a chance to work with you to formulate a plan for your irrigation system, we will coordinate with our landscape designers to create a plan and will schedule a time to come and install your complete irrigation system, followed by an audit to ensure that everything works properly and uses water as efficiently as possible.

How To Choose the Best Irrigation Service

When choosing an irrigation service, finding a company that has experience is key. It can be easy to install an irrigation system, however ensuring the longevity, proper design, and efficiency of your irrigation system requires knowledge that can only be obtained from years of experience in the field. At Bath Landscape and Irrigation, we employ irrigation professionals that have worked with us for years and have unparalleled experience working with a large variety of irrigation systems with the goal of bringing you a long-lasting and sustainable system for years to come. We take great pride in our services, and while we maintain a variety of systems not installed by our technicians, we prioritize systems installed by Bath in order to be able to provide you with the best service and help you maintain a top-functioning system.

Irrigation Services You Can Trust

If you are finding yourself in the market for a new irrigation system, Bath Landscape and Irrigation provides the most reliable irrigation services in Northern Colorado. Call us today to schedule your appointment, or learn more about our irrigation services on our website!

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