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Pavers create space and safety. Your family and your friends gather in your yard and they must have a smooth, stable place to put their feet. Pavers create walkways and give direction, and with Bath Landscape and Irrigation, they also add a beautiful and stylish flair to your yard. Whether you want subtly iridescent slate pavers, sandy textured sandstone slabs, or stone blocks, we have you covered. Whatever areas you want to be paved, we can help you come up with the right design for your home and family. Using pavers creates more usable space, and extends your living room to the outdoors. Having paved areas is a must for encouraging indoor/outdoor living. Pavers are far more beautiful than cement, adding grace and elegance no matter what type you choose. Having paved spaces in your yard cuts down on pesky insects, and gives children safe places to play. A smooth, well-crafted walkway keeps grown-ups safe when they play, too! Create dining areas and comfortable places to lounge on comfortable patio furniture. Make walking across your yard a breeze with paved paths that delight the eyes. Whatever shape and style you want your pavers laid with, we have the right shaped pavers for you.

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