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What is the water feature of your dream? Find inspiration here! Whether you want to have a koi pond, lush with lily pads, and a frog or two, or a visually eye-catching concrete fountain, we here at Bath Landscape and Irrigation have what you’re looking for. We can create a soothing stone waterfall that calms the mind and offers a great conversation starter. Or maybe you want a waterfall running into your koi pond? We can do that too. Our waterfalls can be as natural looking as you like, mimicking beautiful forest creeks. We can also create designs that match the natural splendor of your outdoor view. This way there’s no competition between your yard and nature’s glory. There is also a variety of sculpted fountains to choose from, koi fish optional. Whether you want a traditional fountain, a more modern concrete fountain, a koi pond, or a sculpted creek—or a combination of all of these, we have a water feature that fits your needs and yard. Whatever water feature you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy the birds and other wildlife it draws to your yard. And its soothing sound will make a beautiful backdrop as you relax after a long day.

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