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Tips to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Updated: Mar 28

Curb appeal makes a big difference when selling your house. Having an attractive exterior averages a 7% higher selling price than similar homes without much curb appeal. Many exterior improvements are easy and inexpensive, so you can do them yourself. Learn what types of projects can help improve the look of your home. Explore how Bath Landscape Design and Irrigation can help enhance your home’s curb appeal to start!

Tips to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Make Repairs

It's easy to overlook the leaning mailbox or sunken concrete stairs when you see them every day, but potential buyers will notice. Some other repairs homes often need include:

  • Replacing or repairing a loose doorknob

  • Painting peeling surfaces

  • Fixing broken fences

  • Replacing damaged pavers

  • Fixing damaged or missing shingles

  • Tightening loose railings

Many of these tasks can be done on your own, or you can hire Bath Landscape and Irrigation to save time. Visit our services page for more information on the services provided by Bath Landscape and Irrigation!

Clean up Landscaping

Overgrown landscaping is another turnoff for prospective buyers. Weed landscaped areas and trim bushes and trees. Keep the lawn mowed and edged while your home is on the market for a tidy appearance. It costs an average of $45 per week to have someone mow the lawn for you if you don't have time. If you're selling during the fall, keep up with leaf removal.

Find a way to hide your trash cans, and keep your bikes and toys in the garage or a shed. Parking cars in the garage to keep the driveway clear and uncluttered can also make a positive impression.

Add New Plants

Fresh plants add a bright, inviting appearance to your home's exterior. Remove and replace withering plants, and if you have an empty garden bed, fill it with full, colorful plants that fit your home's style. Adding planters with flowers can brighten up your deck or patio without digging into the ground.

Do a Power Wash

A power washer is your best friend when improving curb appeal. You can rent one for $40 to $100 a day. Use it to clean dirty siding, concrete, wood decks, and other exterior surfaces. Test the power washer on a discreet area to ensure it doesn't cause damage. Start with a low setting, as a stream that's too powerful can damage the surfaces you're cleaning.

Paint the Exterior

Even if you don't have to repair peeling paint, adding a fresh coat to some of the exterior elements can improve curb appeal. Painting the entire house can be time-consuming and expensive, but painting the front door or shutters is a more cost-effective project that can have a big impact. You'll only need about 1 quart of exterior paint to cover a primed front door.

Replace Outdated Elements

Outdated garage doors, fences, and other outdoor features can drag down the value of your home. Replacing them often has a good return on investment, potentially increasing your selling price and helping you recoup a lot of the cost. Replacing the garage door can be costly, but this increases the resale value significantly to the point of paying for itself. Plus, the spruced-up exterior could attract more buyers and help your home sell faster.

Improve Curb Appeal

Simple updates can have a big impact on your home's curb appeal. Look at the exterior from the buyer's viewpoint to identify the areas that need the most improvement. The improved curb appeal can increase your home's value and draw in more prospective buyers.


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