• Kassi K.

The Importance of Winterizing Your Lawn

Updated: Feb 24

As the winter season nears, we are here to remind you of some key practices that will help keep your lawn healthy and in good condition so that it is ready to grow even stronger, healthier, and fuller next season!

Keep Your Grass Healthy and Strong Throughout the Winter Season

Now is the perfect time to winterize your lawn! Taking this extra measure with your yard is important, as it will help strengthen and improve your grass, enabling it to last through the long, cold winter. Applying a winterizing fertilizer will enrich the turf, its roots, and the soil as well, helping it remain healthy and strong in the fall, and also helping it come back to life faster and stronger in the spring.

Winterize Your Lawn Before You Winterize Your Sprinklers!

With end-of-the-season sprinkler system blow-outs and winterization taking place soon, time is of the essence! Many products used to winterize turf require that the lawn be watered thoroughly in order to activate the compounds contained in the fertilizer, soak them into the ground, and avoid burning your lawn. Since time is limited, visit Bath Garden Center TODAY and pick up a few bags of our winterizing fertilizers by Alpha One (Alpha Lawn Turf Winterizer) and Fertilome (Winterizer For Established Lawns). Fall application of these "organic turf fertilizers improves winter hardiness with stronger root development for earlier and denser spring growth in our Colorado soils and climate."

Get it Before it's Gone!

So, make your way into Bath Garden Center this week, and pick up some fertilizer before it is too late! We are also here to answer any questions you may have about your lawn so that you can give your lawn the best chance of staying strong and healthy throughout the winter season.

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