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Commercial Irrigation Repair Services: Why You Should Hire an Irrigation Repair Service

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Issues with irrigation systems are never quite as simple or straightforward as they may seem initially. Since the majority of sprinkler systems are primarily underground, something that may seem like a quick and easy do-it-yourself fix can quickly turn into a much larger ordeal that is likely outside of your capacity. If you have ever found yourself in this situation, you can likely attest to the value of having trained professionals do the work for you. And if you haven't found yourself in this situation, you likely will at some point or another. That is why we are here! At Bath Landscape and Irrigation, you can count on timely service and a job well done. Let us help take the guesswork out of it, simplifying your life and providing you with a lasting repair.

Should Hire an Irrigation Repair Service

How To Know if Your Irrigation System Needs Repair

There are several common signs that you can be aware of that will help you know if your irrigation system is in need of repair. The first and perhaps most common sign involves excess water pooling around sprinkler heads or bubbling up from the ground. It is also not uncommon to experience a sprinkler head shooting water straight up into the air like a geyser. In certain circumstances, you may also notice an increase in your water usage on your utility bill. Any time you experience things such as this, it is an indication that something is broken and needs immediate attention!

Another sign that your irrigation system may be in need of attention is if you begin to notice dry spots or sections of your lawn or landscaping that appear to be severely underwatered, despite the area being in the path of a sprinkler head or drip line. This often means that there is damage that needs attention or a clog somewhere in your sprinkler lines that needs to be addressed.

Irrigation System

A couple of other things to be aware of that could be signs that you are in need of irrigation repair services include the following:

  • Certain zones are not turning on according to your schedule

  • Your irrigation schedule has become inconsistent, not starting on time, stopping early, or turning on at random times that are not scheduled.

  • Equipment is more than 10 years old

Irrigation System Repair Services vs. DIY Irrigation Repair

If you have some experience with irrigation repairs or know what to look for when diagnosing certain issues, you may be able to make some simple repairs on your own. However, if you do not have any experience or don't know what to look for, it is all too easy to misdiagnose the problem or make it worse. Here are some reasons why DIY irrigation repairs are not always the best idea!

You Could Easily Cause More Damage

Attempting to fix small sprinkler system issues on your own can easily lead to bigger and more costly damages if not done properly. There are a number of other things that could be affected, and irrigation technicians generally have specialized equipment and tools to make sure the job is completed without causing more damage. If you were to attempt a DIY irrigation repair and something were to go wrong, the cost to fix that additional damage plus any residual damage such as flood damage to your home or landscaping would far outweigh what it would have cost to simply have an irrigation repair service come to perform maintenance for you. In the end, it is far better to hire an irrigation repair service to come to do the work for you than to risk the extra time, money, and stress that a failed DIY project could cause.

Irrigation Experts Have the Training and Experience

Irrigation technicians, just like any other service provider, must go through extensive training and obtain certain licenses and certifications in order to be able to offer irritation repair services. They often must have a solid understanding of civil engineering, must be educated in water distribution, and must have electrical training. Many irrigation technicians also have some experience in landscape maintenance and are aware of the many factors that contribute to a healthy and beautiful landscape. If you do not have this acquired knowledge and skills, it would be very easy for you to damage your system further and even put yourself in danger in the process. This is yet another reason why it is truly best to hire an irrigation repair service if you ever find your sprinkler system in need of repair.

Irrigation Experts Have the Training and Experience

Trained Professionals Have Access to Special Equipment

As we mentioned briefly above, trained irrigation technicians will have access to specialized equipment to help them get the job done well, though this specialized equipment requires special training to know how to use it properly without causing more damage. For example, irrigation technicians use industrial air compressors to help clean out pipes and check for damage or leaks. However, if too much pressure is used or if the compressor is not connected properly, extensive damage could be caused. Whether it is messing up the wiring of your system, bursting an underground pipe, or any other damage to your system, trained irrigation repair technicians are going to have the training and expertise required to avoid extra damage as much as possible.

Regular Maintenance Will Help Avoid Costly Damages

Especially here in Colorado, performing seasonal maintenance on your irrigation system is non-negotiable. At the end of every summer, your irrigation system will need to be winterized so that extreme damage is not sustained throughout the cold months. Then again in the spring, it is necessary for your sprinkler system to be turned back on and inspected for damage. Our extreme temperatures are hard on irrigation systems, so providing your system with routine maintenance is necessary to make sure that it stays in peak condition. When you hire an irrigation repair service, they will inspect your system for any damages, look for any preventative maintenance that can be performed to help avoid bigger issues in the future, make sure it is operating efficiently, and ensure that your yard and landscaping are getting the water they need to grow and thrive!

Bath Landscape and Irrigation Repair Services

Repair Services

At Bath Landscape and Irrigation, we provide residential irrigation system installation and warranty services! Our commercial irrigation department also works with businesses, organizations, homeowners associations, and more to bring you contracted irrigation services from full installation to maintenance and repairs. We have knowledgeable and experienced employees that you can count on! Learn more about our sprinkler system and irrigation repair services on our website today, and fill out a contact form to get in touch with one of our technicians right away!

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