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Commercial Landscaping Services Can Attract Customers

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Consumers often base their opinions of businesses on first impressions. Whether that is the greeting they got at the door, a good (or bad) interaction they had with an employee, or the cleanliness of the lobby, it all plays a part in shaping how the customer perceives your company. A building's landscaping is, if you think about it, your initial chance as a business to make a good first impression with the customer. A customer who parks in front of a building that has old, overgrown, dead, or messy landscaping is often going to set the impression that the rest of the company is going to be sloppy, negligent, and incapable of maintaining itself (or its customers), whether this is true of the company or not. Conversely, a well-maintained exterior can be just as impactful, but in a positive way. Good landscaping can create a positive first impression by communicating that the business is thriving, capable, and trustworthy. This applies to businesses of all kinds, whether you are a restaurant, a dental office, or anything in between.

Commercial Landscaping Services

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Landscaping Services?

Having attractive and well-maintained landscaping can greatly affect your business, helping set a good first impression with your customers from the moment they step foot on the property. Here are a few ways that employing reliable commercial landscaping services can help benefit your company.

Attractive Landscaping Increases Curb Appeal

The benefit of curb appeal is twofold. Having well-maintained landscaping that is attractive in appearance improves the value of your property while also attracting customers to your business. Even if people driving by have no need for whatever product or service you provide, attractive landscaping can draw their attention to your business, drawing interest, making a memorable impression, and possibly leading to inquiries into your business or recommendations simply based on the appearance of the exterior of your building.

Good Landscaping Makes a Statement

Having an attractive exterior makes a statement in many different ways. Most importantly, it makes the statement that the company is well organized, cares about the details, and is reliable and trustworthy. Whether the customer realizes it or not, it automatically gives the customer a sense of confidence in your business and the quality of products or services you provide, making that customer much more open to the idea of doing business with you.

Good Landscaping Can Attract Good Employees

We have all been in the situation where we are searching for employment. Have you ever in your job search seen a scraggly-looking building with poorly maintained landscaping (or no landscaping at all), and thought, "that looks like a good place to work!" Many buildings with this poorly maintained outward appearance look vacant, depressing, and like an unmotivated work environment. Such appearances can also give the impression that management is less than ideal, office morale is low, or other things that contribute to a negative work environment. Such appearances are not helpful for attracting employees in the first place, let alone employees that are motivated, hardworking, and reliable. This is just another reason for installing and maintaining landscaping that represents your company in a positive way that will attract good employees as well as customers!

Another aspect of this benefit is that live plants and green spaces have been proven to increase motivation, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace, while also decreasing stress and anxiety! Having beautiful plants and trees outside office windows or calm and relaxing outdoor areas for employees to take breaks and such can have a huge impact on the happiness and performance of your employees, which can only serve to benefit your company.

Landscaping Attract Customers to My Business

Can Commercial Landscaping Attract Customers to My Business?

The answer to this is definitely! As we mentioned above, attractive exterior appearances can draw attention to your business. Even if a customer is not necessarily looking for the product or service you provide, it makes an impression that can stay in their memory and resurface when the need arises. It can also give you a leg up on the competition, as most consumers are more willing to do business with a company that looks professional than with a company that looks unorganized.

How To Choose the Right Commercial Landscaping Services for My Business

Choosing the right commercial landscaping services is the first step toward a beautiful and attractive commercial property that is capable of making a lasting impression. At Bath Landscape and Irrigation, we are here to walk you through the entire process from design to installation to maintenance.

Creating Designs Tailored to You and Your Company

At Bath Landscape and Irrigation, we will work with you to create a landscape design that is perfectly suited to your company. Our professional landscape designers have the experience to look at your space and design a landscape plan that utilizes the area and any of its natural features, creating a cohesive environment. Whether you already have a plan, just have a couple of vague ideas, or have no idea whatsoever, we are here to help and will work with you to solidify a landscape design that meets all of your wants and needs.

Professional Landscape & Irrigation Installation

Our landscaping crews are experienced, respectful, and hardworking. They take pride in their work and will do everything in their power to ensure that the design plan is executed with the utmost precision, making adjustments wherever necessary to ensure a quality job.

We also have highly experienced irrigation crews that will install a new irrigation system or make repairs to an existing system based on the needs of your new landscape. We provide sprinkler system audits to ensure the efficient use of your water along with other seasonal services to help maintain your system and increase its longevity.

Commercial Maintenance You can Trust

Once all the work is complete, you can also trust Bath Landscape and Irrigation with all of your maintenance needs! We offer property maintenance such as lawn care, seasonal clean-up, and shrub pruning. We offer turf management including mowing, fertilizing, weed control, and more! We also offer irrigation system services such as repairs, maintenance, zone mapping, seasonal services, etc. Maintaining your property can be difficult and time-consuming, though it is also so extremely important especially if you just went through the whole landscape design and installation process. Let us take care of it for you and we can ensure that your landscaping will be properly and professionally maintained so it will look beautiful for years to come. For a list of all of the services we provide with our commercial maintenance, visit our commercial maintenance information page.

Commercial Maintenance

Contact Bath Landscape & Irrigation Today!

If you would like to learn more about our commercial landscape, irrigation, and maintenance services, contact us today! We are happy to walk you through the process and would love to schedule a consultation to help us better understand your wants and needs for the area in question. If you aren't quite ready for a consultation, you can find all the information you need about our services on our website. We look forward to the chance to work with you!


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