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7 Tips for Preventing Hardscape Damage Through the Winter

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

While we tend to assume that concrete is indestructible, it is certainly susceptible to snow storms, often leading to splits, cracks and breaks. Unfortunately, ice can easily cause or even widen cracks, de-icers can corrode your beautiful concrete surfaces and our handy snow shovels can crack, chip or scrape your outdoor décor.

This year, before the first big snow hits Fort Collins, brush up on your skills to help protect your hardscaping.

  1. Research Your De-icer: When it comes to your outdoor décor, all de-icers are NOT created equal. As you might have guessed, rock salt (sodium chloride) and calcium chloride are corrosive to concrete. Instead, opt for potassium chloride, CMA or plain sand instead.

  2. Skip the Metal Shovel: Metal shovels are great but they can crack and scrape up your concrete while you work at clearing your walkways. Instead, consider investing in a plastic shovel with rubberized blade edges or a soft-bristled, mechanical snow broom. If you’re in the market for a snow blower or plow, look for models with rubberized scrapers.

  3. Fill Existing Cracks Ahead of Time: Cracks and holes will only get bigger as water fills the holes, freezes and thaws repeatedly. To avoid unnecessary damage, fill holes and seal cracks as they form throughout the warmer months. For extra protection consider using rubberized fillers that repel water.

  4. Level It: Uneven walkways can catch shovels or become trip hazards when hidden beneath snow and ice. Make sure your paths are level before the snow hits.

  5. Get It Sealed: If you recently added hardscaping, you might not know that some elements such as patios and driveways should be sealed regularly to protect them from the elements. Every sealant has a different lifespan so be sure to check with a Bath Landscape team member.

  6. Built-In Grit: Consider using gritty sealants in high-traffic spots. Some sealants have grit mixed in or are otherwise designed to offer traction when inclement weather strikes.

  7. Store It: Some accessories, like fountains or statues, are best kept out of the snowy weather. Before winter really sets in, consider giving them a quick cleaning, draining your fountains and storing concrete accessories in a dry place.

If your hardscape does suffer some damager this winter, don’t worry. Bath Landscape has developed an award-winning approach to sustainable, functional and beautiful landscape design and installation. Though it might seem far away now, when spring rolls in, we’ll be here to help you renovate or create a new space that you will love.

Call us at 970-488-1707 to learn more.

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