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Tickle your green thumb with one (or seven!) of our custom-built garden boxes. They come in a variety of different materials ranging from wood to metal to stone. Our wood and metal garden boxes add a touch of elegance to the traditional look of wooden garden boxes. You could go for the classic, natural look with our all wooden garden boxes, or if you’re doing your yard in stone, we can build out garden beds and boxes with stone as well. Our garden boxes are perfect for landscape plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Our garden boxes are custom-designed to fit in your yard perfectly. It’s easy to garden with a garden box. They allow you to control the quality of the soil and since they’re raised, their height makes them easy to maintain. You can sit in an outdoor chair, enjoying the fresh air, and weed your garden at the same time. You’re sure to enjoy the beautiful pollinator insects like butterflies your garden is sure to draw. And, you can plant flowers with your veggies and get the best of both worlds. Many flowers act as pest repellents and will protect your crop of tomatoes or pumpkins. Many fruit trees will also thrive in a garden bed, so go buy that patio-sized fruit tree you’ve been eyeing!

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