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There’s nothing like a fire feature to create an atmosphere that will bring people together. Is there anything more relaxing than watching the flames dance out on your patio on a cool fall evening? Whatever you can dream up for your fire feature, we can build it. We offer circular fire features made out of stone blocks, and can even add a stone table surrounding your fire feature. We’ve built fire features into stone walls, adding a touch of elegance and warmth. We can use small stones or large stones to build your fire feature. Stone is elegant and durable and radiates heat well. Maybe your fire feature is a built-in grill, where you’ll use the flames to cook meals. We’re also proud to offer organic-looking fire features that are built into a group of stones that make it look like you’re out in the wilderness. We can build a circular fire pit with stone pavers that will bring your fire feature to the ground. Whatever you choose, your fire feature will be a conversation starter. If you don’t know what you want, we’re happy to help you discover the fire feature that is just right for your home. 

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