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7 Small Yard Landscape Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Whether you live in a single-family home, townhouse, or condo, yard space is often limited in order to fit as many homes in a neighborhood as possible. Many people seek this out, as less yard equals less work. However, we all still enjoy having a yard or back patio to spend time on. With limited space though, it can be difficult to figure out how to maximize the usability of the area. At Bath Landscape & Irrigation, our landscape designers are especially talented at creating designs that make the most of your space, ensuring you get the most use out of every square foot!

Landscape Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

1. Expand Your Patio

Many homes automatically come with a small concrete pad for a back patio. The size of these concrete pads often limits the usability of the patio. When considering small yard landscape ideas, we often recommend increasing the size of the patio. This will allow you to fit everything you want on your back patio without feeling cramped or cluttered, making the area feel larger than it actually is and increasing the usability of the area.

2. Select Plants Strategically

Select Plants Strategically

Many small yards end up also having an interesting shape. Areas of our yard that may be less usable or that you don't know what to do with because of the shape are great for adding plant material such as trees, shrubs, or perennial plants. They fill up space that is not extremely usable and add color, texture, and beauty to your yard. Plus, if you choose plants that are native to Colorado, they will thrive with little maintenance!

3. Consider Your Hobbies


This is always something that is important to keep in mind because you want your space to be a reflection of yourself and your hobbies! Even with limited space, there are so many fun ways to make your space an area you love to spend time in. Whether you have pets, enjoy gardening, love to golf, enjoy sitting around a fire, love to do backyard yoga, love to grill, or any other hobby, we will help you create a space that is conducive to your activities!

4. Incorporate Raised Garden Beds

Garden Beds

One of our favorite small yard landscape ideas employs the use of raised planter boxes or tiered gardens. Hanging gardens are also a wonderful idea if you are working with limited space. This truly maximizes space and gives you the most room to do what you love, whether that be flower gardening, vegetable gardening, or any other type of gardening!

5. Turn Your Front Yard into Your Backyard


In many cases, a front yard actually might be more spacious and usable than a backyard! Consider turning your front yard into your backyard by fencing it in, extending the patio, adding a firepit or dining set, and the like! You can even add a few trees or shrubs to add some extra privacy.

6. Consider Multipurpose Elements

Multipurpose Elements

When considering landscaping your small backyard, it is also good to consider what elements could serve multiple purposes, whether it is an element that currently exists or an element that you want to have installed. An existing fence could also be used as a verticle garden, a retaining wall could be installed that would also function as extra seating, and the like!

7. Get Creative with 'Wasted' Space

Wasted Space

If you have a shaded corner of your yard where nothing grows, an oddly shaped area, or any other area in your yard that you can't seem to find a purpose for, this is a great opportunity to get creative! Hardscape the area as an extended patio, add a firepit, install a small water feature, create a designated area for your grill, or install an outdoor kitchen! There are so many ways to transform 'wasted' space and make your small backyard feel bigger and more usable than ever!

What are Your Goals for Your Backyard?

Regardless of the size, shape, or layout of your yard, Bath Landscape & Irrigation is here to come up with the perfect solution to make it functional, usable, and enjoyable. Our landscape designers have tons of experience and produce creative designs that are unique to each individual. If you would like to learn more about our Residential Landscaping services, check out our services page! If you are ready to start the process, fill out a contact form right away. Our schedule fills up quickly, and we only take customers on a first come first serve basis. We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to help bring your dreams to life!



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